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About the Shih Tzu

Mini but Mighty

 Shih Tzu (pronounced “Shee-zoo”) comes from the Chinese word for “little lion dog,” because they were bred to resemble lions depicted in ancient Buddhist art. True method actors, Shih Tzu act like little lions, with a king-of-the-world attitude. Although raised as royalty for centuries, like any good royal member, they’re willing to mingle with commoners and make your home their castle. 

Shih Tzu are lively and energetic companions. Yet, they are also amazingly low-key and satisfied—assuming they get an adequate amount of attention. They like nothing better than to be held, stroked, petted and pampered by their owners, and are perfectly happy sitting on the couch with you for hours while you dote on them. This is a noble breed—sometimes translating into arrogance and haughtiness, other times into courageousness and politeness—but they are never too proud for a roll on the floor with a treasured squeaky toy.

A good family dog and highly interactive, Shih Tzu usually adapt well to adults and children alike. Not especially suspicious of strangers, they still make an alert and consistent watchdog, barking heartily when people approach the house.

Shih Tzu do require more care than other breeds, especially when the hair is kept long. They need daily brushing and regular haircuts to avoid tangles. However, they shed very little dander, making them a great pet choice for people with allergies.

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