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About Us

We are located in sunny Tonopah, AZ. My husband and I are originally from the Midwest (Minnesota and Missouri respectively). We have lived in Arizona since 2006 and wouldn't want to live anywhere else. We have 3 children - Emily, Aaron and Curtis. Curtis is the only one still at home. He is one of the official puppy playmates.  The others are away being adults.  I am permanently disabled due to a slew of neurological condition disorders and diseases. I am fairly stable at the moment so I am excited at this next chapter of my life.  My husband is a civil engineer for the city of Goodyear.We begin our breeding program with an unregistered standard size Shih Tzu tri parti colored girl named Frankie Girl and her stud muffin boyfriend Ruger that is owned by a friend. She had 2 big beautiful litters before retiring to a sweet young family with 2 children to be forever spoiled. So now we are moving forward with AKC registered Imperial sized Shih Tzu. We are focusing on breeding those sought after qualities admired by those that love the breed short stubby legs, cobby bodies, flat faces and pretty round heads and eyes. Our dogs are part of our family and even share our bed with us. We hope that you add one of our pretty babies to your family to love and cherish.

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